2020 Cultivating Character Conference Dates:

September 18 & November 13

If you are seeking character education curriculum for students, our one day, Cultivating Character Conference offers a life skills program for pre-k through high school.   The 1100 page character education curriculum is divided into 5 manuals, each with 10 lessons, except high school (16) and is written to be taught in a 50 minute classroom period.  

Let our President, Peggy Newfield and staff guide you through the talking points of each one of the manuals.  In addition, you will also experience an “etiquette manners lunch” so that you can see if all of “mom’s rules” are still the same.  (A little humor never hurts.)

With the significance that bullying and social media play in today’s society, Cultivating Character focuses on increasing important life skills such as a student’s self-confidence, tolerance and respect for others.  Printable handouts on a flash drive accompany each lesson. 

Social Skills Curriculum Attendees

Cultivating Character Conferences are held each month in Atlanta, GA.  A certificate of completion is issued from the American School of Protocol®  at completion of the day.

Participate in the Cultivating Character One Day Seminar and save $180.00.   The retail value of all 5 manuals is $1,675.00.  Your cost for the day, including instructions on each manual and a working lunch is $1,495.00.  

Social Skills Manuals

An ASP Endorsement from a Nobel Prize Educator:

“I am an experimental economist with 50 years experience in teaching and research, and am a firm believer in curriculum that meets the needs of students.  There would be many ways to incorporate The American School of Protocol curriculum materials into a pre-k through college setting. 

My educational colleague was very inspired by her experience with The American School of Protocol. She provided me an opportunity to view the lessons incorporated into a flexible curriculum which is fitting for elementary through college students and those in adult education.

I value my colleagues opinion as an expert in secondary education with over 25 years of teaching and curriculum development.  She has served for several years as a national education consultant.” 

Best Regards in Your Educational Endeavors,
Vernon L. Smith
Profession Emeritus, George Mason University
2002 Nobel Prize in Economics