Listen to Graduates of our Children’s Etiquette Certification describe their experience during the five day training program.

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I chose the American School of Protocol because the extensive research that I did gave me the indication that the School was the best fit for me. After completing the corporate course, I was more than pleased with the content, personal attention to detail, caring instructors, and, of course, the charm, wit, and professionalism of Peggy Newfield and the ASP Team. From the beginning, I knew that I attended the school for a reason. Last week I realized the reason! I completed a four-session class for the local Boys and Girls club. I taught the children proper dining, communication, handshaking, etc. What they gave me was way more. These children touched my heart and core…..thank you all at ASP for assisting me on my journey. Giving back to my community and making it a bit more civil makes my heart swell and my brain know why I embarked on this journey.”  –Patty Hughson,  Etiquette Empowerment (Dual Certified: Children’s and Corporate Etiquette Certification)

donna-mortimerI believe in the adage that if you want to be successful, you need to understand what success means. The American School of Protocol is a success story that I have followed for several years. I chose ASP due to the fact that they represented a model for etiquette that I would like to emulate. The knowledge they impart, the immediate response they provided to my questions, and simply the interest they displayed in me made my decision very easy.” Donna Mortimer,  Etiquette School of the Bahamas (Dual Certified: Children’s and Corporate Etiquette Certification)

monica-velezAfter I called two etiquette certification companies, the only one that did hands-on teaching was The American School of Protocol. Also, ASP gave me the opportunity to meet – and really get to know! – other like-minded professionals and network with them. My whole experience was far more serious and professional than anything else on the market!     – Monica Velez, Guatemala (5-Day Children’s Etiquette Certification)

Agnes LamThe 5-Day Children’s Etiquette Certification Training exceed my expectations.  I am a visual person and having the lessons unfold with the children in a live classroom setting really brought the material to life. The breakout sessions honed in on certain areas which are extremely valuable in this business and each instructor was highly knowledgeable.  ASP prides themselves on attention to detail, friendliness and the utmost professionalism!” – Agnes Lam,  The Etiquette School of Silicon Valley  (5-Day Children’s Etiquette Certification)

11I am so pleased to have an association with The American School of Protocol. Again, my sincerest expression of gratitude for all you do to prepare aspiring etiquette teachers and the difference you make in the lives of children. None of this important work would happen without Peggy and the ASP staff.” – Diane Massey, The Berkshire School of Etiquette  (Dual Certified: Children’s and Corporate Etiquette Certification)

janayI didn’t choose the American School of Protocol, I was assigned to attend, but I’m so elated that I was! I received an email from my director asking me if I thought this program was something I would like to attend. After looking at the website for a little less than five minutes, I was sold. I was honored that my director saw something in me that, at the time, I didn’t see in myself. I’ve always wanted to have my own business and do something I had a passion for. I am so proud to say I’ve found my passion and I wouldn’t want to have been trained by anyone other than Ms. Peggy Newfield and The American School of Protocol team.”Janay McClain-Kelly, Boys and Girls Club (5-Day Children’s Etiquette Certification) 

Kemi SowemimoI chose ASP because of the in-depth curriculum.  The structure of the training ties everything together, gives direction and helped me define exactly what I should be doing.  Having children in the class was the highlight of the 5 days.  It has been educating, eye opening and a mind expanding experience.” – Kemi Sowemimo, The School of Etiquette and Social Protocol, Nigeria  (5-Day Children’s Etiquette Certification)

I enrolled in your program and found every minute of it to be informative, and, truly geared to getting an interested person off on the right foot in a career as an etiquette teacher. The sessions were packed with ideas- things that work and don’t. The hands-on experience gave all of us practice in techniques that make learning happen in a logical and sensible way. The manuals from which we worked were clear and so anticipatory of what every questions and problem would be and how each challenge could be met successfully. I marvel at the completeness of these manuals and how helpful they continue to be for me.”  – Catherine Arcure, Manhattan Manners, (Dual Certified: Children’s and Corporate Etiquette Certification)

J. Elliot WilliamsThrough my travels and interactions with youth, I saw the need for etiquette in the community. Peggy helped me to create a career in changing the daily lives of others. She took interest in each individual in the program and that spoke volumes to me.”   – J. Elliot Williams (5-Day Children’s Etiquette Certification)

Kathleen CoverThank you for keeping the training and handout material fresh.  Continuing education is essential in all industries – especially ours.  As with all your manuals, I can easily customize the content to appeal to both the children and adult programs I teach. The comprehensive content and teaching process framework you provide allows me to devote more time to marketing and teaching.” – Kathleen Cover, The Etiquette School of Beverly Hills – Newport Beach, (Dual Certified: Children’s and Corporate Etiquette Certification)

Ann WhiteThe 5-Day Corporate Certification was concise, interesting, fun, and meaningful. The format was excellent and thorough. Each chapter and topic in the manual had a specific purpose and will benefit me in my presentations years to come.”  Ann White, TheCardinal School of Etiquette/PROETIQ  (5-Day Corporate Etiquette Certification)

Dorlisa YoungThis certification program was very special, not only because it was very professionally organized, but also Peggy and her staff were open and honest about what it takes to run a successful business.” Dorlisa Goodrich Young, The Delaware Valley School of Etiquette, (5-Day Children’s Etiquette Certification)

Learning in such a beautiful and elegant environment, being greeted each morning outside by you and your talented and efficient staff, and the gracious southern hospitality with which you extol on all those in your company, sets The American School of Protocol in a distinctively unique position.” – Jonnie Fox Flanagan, The Magnolia School of Etiquette, (5-Day Children’s Etiquette Certification) 

Candace Smith Etiquette For the Business of LifeThese materials reflect care and attention to the trainers’ needs of being able to easily locate necessary preparation instructions and handouts, and to learn and relearn what goes into successful planning. – Candace Smith, Etiquette For The Business of Life, (Dual Certified: Children’s and Corporate Etiquette Certification)

The training I received from the prestigious American School of Protocol has thoroughly equipped me to be successful in operating a etiquette school.”  – Tina Hayes, The School of Etiquette and Decorum, (5-Day Children’s Etiquette Certification)

Not only am I grateful for the expertise that you have shared with me to get my business started, but the personal growth that I have experienced through this process is absolutely invaluable.” – Debbie Parsons, The Parsons School of Etiquette, (Dual Certified: Children’s and Corporate Etiquette Certification)

Julia RobinsonThe group of people who participated during my two attendances taking the Corporate and Children’s Certification were outstanding individuals. Each of them have been so accomplished, but more importantly, the participants were civil, considerate, polite and caring. A true team. But then, I’m not surprised. The professional person and etiquette expert that Peggy is, the kind and caring staff of The American School of Protocol, can only attract the best because you give us the best.” Julia Robinson, The International Etiquette and Protocol Academy,  Russia – Latvia – Canada (Dual Certified: Children’s and Corporate Etiquette Certification)