Character Education for Middle School Girls is a curriculum of ten lessons designed to teach 6th to 9th grade girls how to conduct themselves with confidence.

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  • 10 Lessons Structured for 50-minute Classes
  • List of Objectives for Each Lesson
  • Classroom Set-Up
  • Teaching Instructions
  • Teacher/Student Dialogue
  • Over 50 Printable Student Handouts
  • Unit Quizzes & Final Exam
  • Lessons are Printed in Color
  • Bound in a 3-ring Padded Binder

The middle grades are typically a time of awkwardness and curiosity. This program contains lessons that will give girls the information and practice they need to push through these years and be prepared for the events high school will bring.

Pre-teens need direction in civility now more than ever. In teaching Character Education for Middle School Girls, they will learn how to:

⇒ Greet and introduce people

⇒ Properly shake hands

⇒ Maintain confident posture

⇒ Dress appropriately for various occasions

⇒ Recognize and deal with emergency situations

⇒ Show respect and courtesy to other people

⇒ Communicate appropriately via phone, text, and social media

⇒ Be a good sport

⇒ Conduct themselves at an event

⇒ Improve their dining skills



The lessons are written with the sensitivity of the pre-teen in mind, incorporating clear and concise lessons with a level of maturity that conveys respect.

This life skills syllabus meets national educational performance standards. Our curriculum emphasizes consistency and positive behavioral management, developing social skills, building self-esteem, self-assurance, respect for others, following rules and routines, motor skills development, and other skills necessary for successful socialization.

So why do we encourage a “Girls Only” curriculum? Research shows a positive trend in test scores and confidence in middle school age students learning in same sex classrooms. By removing the social pressures created by a co-ed class, etiquette becomes easier to teach

To learn more about the complete Character Education Series and why our children need this education Click Here.

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