7 Questions That Make Interviewers Cringe


It is always encouraged to write down a few questions to pose to a potential employer. What you ask (and sometimes when) can speak volumes about your interest and work ethic. Beth Braccio Hering, a writer for CareerBuilder.com, recently wrote an article highlighting the seven worst questions to ask an interviewer.1. What does your company do?Do your homework. Gather information on the company's history. Do not waste the interviewer's time by having him/her recite what could have been learned beforehand on the company's website.2. How much does the position pay?It may be the answer you are dying to know, but seeking this information too soon can make you look like you are jumping the gun. A better approach is to do some research ahead of time to get a feel for what similar jobs are paying.3. What are the hours of this position?Asking this question may make an employer wonder how committed you are to the job. No one wants to hire a "clock watcher".4. How many sick days do I get?Keep a potential employer from questioning your motivation (or your health) by looking this up in the employee handbook later.5. How much time do I get off?Like numbers three and four, this question can make a potential employer wonder if a candidate is more interested in getting out of work than contributing.6. If I am hired, when can I begin applying for other roles within the company?While ultimately you might have higher aspirations than the position for which you are applying, remember that an employer is looking for the best person to fill an opening for what the company needs now, not in the future.7. Do you do background checks?If you do not have something to hide, you probably are not going to bother asking this one. If you do...Be informed. Select questions that show you know some specifics about the company and position you are seeking.

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