8 Types of Beachgoers That Are Shore to Ruin a Summer Trip

  1. The Sandman. This
Foot in thongs
  1. is the guy who wanders off the beach with wet feet, coated in a thick layer of sand, and then walks up to the hotel, leaving a trail of abrasive crumbs behind. Or, even worse, the Sandman will jump into a nearby pool, depositing all that sand at the bottom of the pool – an unwelcome surprise for other swimmers! Beach-side establishments usually have showers readily available to prevent this mess; use them!
No Swimming
  1. The Oblivious Swimmers. The Oblivious Swimmers jump into the water with a blatant disregard for the posted warning signs. Whether it’s a strong riptide, high populations of jellyfish, or inclement weather, nothing stops these Swimmers from their splashing. Respect the signs and the warnings from lifeguards; they’re there for a reason!
  2. The Zookeepers. Some of the excitement of the beach comes from the diversity of its flora and fauna. However, the Zookeepers take it upon
Birds Eating At Beach
  1. themselves to care for the seagulls by feeding them leftover snacks. Seagulls have a special place in the coastal ecosystem, but they do not need your Chex Mix or Pretzels. Feeding them propagates their aggression; next time, they may take food from a not-so-willing beachgoer.
  2. The DJs. DJs certainly love their music, and they make sure that the rest of the beach enjoys it too. However, not everyone shares their passion for the techno music genre. Sound travels easily on the beach, so keep volumes low or invest in a good set of fashionable headphones.
  1. The Exhibitionists. We’ve all seen these types of Beachgoer; they make sure that we do. The Exhibitionists wear skimpy swimsuits or get too comfortable with their significant others on the beach. Beaches are public places – so save the string bikinis and loving kisses for private.
  2. The Dust Devil. Nothing is worse than getting an unexpected face-full of sand when these Sandstorms decide to shake out their towels. They’ll also whip up sand by running through dunes or wearing flip-flops through the sand. When cleaning off your sitting space, make sure that the sand returns to the beach.
  3. The Negligent Neighbors. Even though space on the beach can sometimes be tight, these Nosy Neighbors never notice that they spread out right on top of your towel. Their impressive collection of sand toys often finds its way onto your towel and will be discovered upon rolling over a plastic shovel during a nap in the sun. There might be a few inches of golden sand peeking out between the towels, but this is not enough to give people the privacy or elbow room they deserve. Personal space is sacred for many people; be mindful of others around you.
  4. The Beach Bully. The Beach Bully is the worst kind of beachgoer. They needlessly destroy sandcastles, throw their trash onto the beach or into the water, and
Sand Castle Smash
  1. even steal beach furniture and chairs. This type of behavior does not need an explanation of why this is improper etiquette. They might be on a well-deserved break, but kindness and consideration for others never go on vacation!

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