A Dream of a Dinner Party

Do you ever dream of having a dinner party that gets many compliments and has people clamoring to stay on your guest list?

This is how you can make it come true.


  • Diversify your guest list. Of course everyone wants to be on it, but you know how to keep things interesting. You choose people who have just enough in common to keep conversations going, but diverse enough to expose everyone to a unique profession, a different culture, or a new tradition to share.
  • Shake up the seating arrangements. If possible, place couples so that they are not sitting across from or next to each other. Seat people according to personality and interests. If one of your guests is incredibly shy or has a special need, seat him next to you so you may ensure he receives the attention he requires to feel comfortable.
  • Make it a game. Between courses, or if there is a lull in conversation and guests get that glazed-over look, tell them to turn the table. This means that if most of them have been talking to the person on their right, everyone turns and talks to the person on their left. There are also games like Table Topics that have guests draw a card and talk about what is on it. Boredom be gone!
  • Set it pretty. Entertaining is the perfect excuse to pull out all the stops when it comes to your table setting. Use the china, crystal, and silver. Or use the best you have. Place flowers, candles, and seasonal items down the center of the table to create ambience that begets many compliments. It is well worth the extra minutes and effort


Could you incorporate these suggestions at your next dinner gathering? Let us know what you think.

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