A Food Court Delimma...

I am always fascinated with life’s little moments of what to do.Earlier this week, I wrote about my associate attending a national convention. When she returned to Atlanta, she told me of another situation that caused her to pause. A group of colleagues decided to have lunch at the convention food court. There were hundreds of people trying to get lunch and finding a table was tricky. Once a table was secured, one person stayed to hold the table while others got in line to get their food. When the first person returned with his lunch, the table-holder left to get in line.As there were so many people in line, the members of the group straggled back to the table one at a time. One person sat quietly and never touched his food. Two other people started eating immediately upon returning to the table. Two people were still in the line for food.Should everyone have waited for all to return to the table or was it o.k. to start eating?As the etiquette ‘keeper’, waiting for everyone to return is the rule, but there are times, due to circumstances, when the rules can be broken. The fact that two people ate quickly and returned to the convention floor was out of necessity. After all, this did take place in the food court and that usually means ‘lunch and run’.The fact that one person waited for the other two before eating was great and showed good manners.... and that Makes Momma Happy!

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