A Life Changing Experience

I’ve always desired a greater knowledge of Etiquette. I went online with an etiquette query and The American School of Protocol® popped up. This was an answer to my prayers!I immediately requested information and Peggy Newfield personally called me. How often in this day and age does one receive an actual phone call from the business owner, and promptly I might add? This was very impressive. Within one week, I was committed to attending The American School of Protocol®.Each day during the Training, we had an opportunity to watch Peggy teach the curriculum to children. That alone is worth the price of the tuition. Also, attention to detail from the staff was unsurpassed.Brenda’s Tablescape Class taught us how to create a beautiful table. C.P.R Training and Certification with Rebecca showed us how to handle an emergency. Mary Donne’s Corporate Legal guidance opened my eyes to important areas that need to be addressed when owning a business. Dolores made sure our extensive Dining knowledge was perfect. Jessica’s enlightening Social Media Session was full of ways to build our business presence and Martha’s healthy and delicious lunches each day added an extra five pounds.I would highly recommend The American School of Protocol® to anyone that is interested in starting their own children’s Etiquette career. The class prepares you with everything you need to start your business. What you take away is a life changing experience.Anne Lord - Florida

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Etiquette Certification Courses

Have you ever dreamed of teaching business or children's etiquette?
ASP®'s train the trainer etiquette certifications are ideal for anyone who want to have their own etiquette business or become an etiquette consultant working with schools and business in their communities.