A Look at Table Scape Design

"Formal Five Course Dinner Table Setting"

During our children's etiquette certification classes, we stress to our participants the need to create innovative and fun table scape designs when teaching dining lessons. Children's attention spans are short, so the more colorful and interesting you can dress your table, the better. Here are a few suggestions:Choose a Theme: look around your home for interesting items (sea shells, souvenirs from your travels, etc.) and use those items to design a daily theme. In Peggy's travels abroad, she has collected several items to keep the child's interest on the table. One example is a collection of hand painted clowns from Mexico combined with porcelain containers from the United Kingdom. These items stir conversation at the table and can provide several teachable moments with the children.

"Coral Table Scape"
"clowns up close"

Use FRESH as much as possible: Fresh flowers bring life to a table so much more than artificial. You can easily arrange a beautiful table by selecting fresh greenery and flowers from your garden. Using wholesale markets such as Costco or Sam's Club will bring costs down if you plan to buy your flowers. We recommend flowers that will last well for a week, such as carnations, chrysanthemums, alstroemeria , and statice. You can mix/match your arrangements each day to give a new look to each table setting.

"Manequins and fresh flowers"

Bright and Bold colors work best to catch a child's attention. Colorful ribbon is a cheap and easy way to bring movement and life to your table scape.Remember to have fun when creating your place settings! Parents will be so appreciative of the effort you put forth in making their child feel special!

"Girl with Almond Basket"

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