Airplane Etiquette

In the news we are constantly hearing stories about fights and disagreements on airplanes. Recently, a plane landed due to a dispute between two passengers over reclining in a seat. Their argument quickly escalated from an exchange of words to objects being thrown. Airplane etiquette has become a hot topic due to limited passenger space between seats. Here are a few ways to avoid an airplane disagreement.


Typically in a three-person seating arrangement, the person in the middle has the right to both armrests. In a two-person seating arrangement each person has one armrest all to themselves and the other armrest is considered shared. Whoever first claims that armrest has the right to the armrest; typically people take turns in who has claim over it.

Reclining Seats:

If you are going to recline your chair, look behind you first to see how much room you have. While reclining, make sure to go back slowly so you do not scare the person behind or abruptly disrupt them. Also, when you are trying to get out of your seat, please don’t grab the headrest in front of you for leverage as this can cause surprise and discomfort to the passenger in front of you.

Carry- On Luggage:

Make sure the amount of carry-on luggage you bring does not exceed the airplane’s limit. Before you get on the plane try to consolidate any extra shopping/ food bags you may have acquired. This allows smoother travel for yourself and others.

Personal Hygiene:

Remember that a flight is a tight compact space. Always be aware of your body odor. If possible, eat smelly foods before the flight rather than on board. Keep up with personal hygiene before you board the plane, and avoid using too much perfume. Make sure to wear your shoes at all times, taking off your socks and shoes can give off a pungent smell to the passengers around you.


Headphones can make a flight more enjoyable, however it is important to remember two things. First, if you are wearing headphones make sure that the music can only be heard by you. Secondly, if you see a person using headphones, respect their space and quiet and allow them to rest.

Keep these tips in mind next time you travel, to ensure a peaceful and pleasant traveling experience!

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