Are You A Gym Jerk?

Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the days of sunscreen, sand and swimsuits are just around the corner. Yes, it’s crunch time. Don’t panic. You’ve got this. Dust off those must-have sneakers (where could they be?), and lululemon yoga pants (are they supposed to be this tight?) and stake your claim on the elliptical.But first, do us all a favor and review these simple tips so you’re not the Gym Jerk we all know and avoid.

Man in the gym

NO PHONES. You aren’t in your car, after all. Skip the selfies, yakking to your bestie, and texting on the treadmill. (Multi-tasking on workout equipment can result in epic wipeouts. You’ve been warned.)NO PICK-UP LINES. No doubt your irresistible charm slays them at the hottest night clubs. However, health clubs are for working out, not making out. Save the killer lines for the next meet up.NO INTRUSION. Don’t chit chat with the gal wearing earbuds. In the gym (and on a plane, by the way), headphones serve as both audio equipment and a clear “Do Not Disturb” sign. Accept it and move on.

Gym: Woman Annoyed

NO CROWDING. If the gym is not crowded and multiple working exercise machines are available, why oh why do Gym Jerks jump on the one right next to you? Give people their space.NO GERMS. Sweat is good. Germs are bad. Clean your machine. The End.NO MESS. Your mother doesn’t work here. When you are done with hand weights, a medicine ball, a band, or any other apparatus you might employ - put it back where you found it. NO HOGGING. In kindergarten, we learned how to share and take turns. Put these marvelous traits to use when the machines are packed.NO GLARING. While waiting on a machine, surely there is something you can do besides serve up a platter of stink-eye to the early birds…Jumping Jacks? Squats? Transcendental Meditation?

rude gym

NO SAVING SEATS. Nobody liked it in middle school, and nobody likes it now. Holding a machine for your friend who’s stuck in carpool is not cool. NO GRATUITOUS FLASHING. Clearly you’re comfortable with your body. Good for you. But stretching, lounging, gabbing while au naturel can make others uncomfortable. The locker room is not your boudoir, show some consideration.NO GROOMING. The locker room is a public, shared space. Personal grooming (ie plucking, shaving or clipping anything) should be done in private. Enough said.NO GRUNTING. Yes - Serena Williams, a world class athlete, does audibly grunt while competing at Wimbledon and the French Open. News flash: you aren’t her. Suffer in silence like the rest of us.Paying attention to these common blunders will ensure that you get the most out your gym membership…without becoming the dreaded Gym Jerk!

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