Are You On The List ➡️ Everyday Etiquette Pitfalls

While some routinely dine in formal settings and host elegant functions at home, the majority are more likely to display their etiquette skills in an office, a waiting room, check-out lines and on social media.Knowing how to conduct ourselves in everyday surroundings can be more valuable than correctly identifying a cocktail fork or knowing how to use a finger bowl.Do you recognize anyone in these everyday etiquette pitfalls? Let us know any we’ve missed, or your biggest pet peeve.

Your cell phone conversation is not interesting.

NEWSFLASH no one wants to be a captive audience to your spouse’s medical diagnosis, your child’s grades or your beloved aunt’s birthday plans.

Be cognizant of cell phone usage in places like waiting rooms, elevators and intimate coffee shops.

Woman talking on mobile phone while shopping for clothes

Your personal hygiene is your responsibility.

Let’s face it: some things in life are simply beyond our control.

Not so with personal hygiene…take control and make sure you aren’t offensive, ever.

Your tendency toward TMI is a turn-off.

Social media can be fun, enlightening and informative. It can also be downright cringe-worthy when used as a private journal, therapy session, political platform or attention-getter.

Don’t be that needy, desperate, overbearing ‘friend’ we all love to block.

Your invasion of personal space is uncomfortable.

If you plan to chip in on their grocery bill, by all means join the guy ahead of you at the check-out counter. Otherwise, back up.

Same goes for any payment line (think ATMs or the theater kiosks), as well as face-to-face conversations.

Standing in a row. Young people waiting in line to buy something

Your out-of-control child is not cute.

There are playgrounds, and then there are restaurants and places of business.

Children shouldn’t be allowed to wreak havoc on unsuspecting diners or shoppers.

Little girl is capricious

Your jaw-dropping outfit is better-suited for a night club.

Any professional setting requires professional dress. Don’t go for WOW on Wednesday at the staff meeting…you will be the topic of an unflattering conversation.

Good etiquette is so much more than observing acceptable social practices and following a list of tedious rules.‘Well-mannered’ individuals are those that put others before themselves, and ensure the comfort and well-being of the people around them. By focusing on kindness, courtesy and consideration, you can avoid the danger of everyday etiquette pitfalls.

Portrait of young attractive handsome brunette man driving car and greeting somebody with hand.

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