Bad Attitude Can Get You Fired

As scarce as jobs are today, it is hard to feel stability even if you are employed. Getting let go for economic reasons is one concern, but some people become their own worst enemy. Most workers are hired based on their skills and experience. However, studies have shown that most people get fired not because they lack the skill set and knowledge, but because of their people skills.

A 2010 study amongst Fortune 500 CEOs found that 75 percent of long term job success depended on people skills, and 25 percent depended on technical knowledge.

‘Soft Skills’ are derived from one’s behavior, attitude, personality and people skills. These traits are the leading reasons why people get hired as well as fired. Simply put, ‘soft skills’ are traditional values such as thoughtfulness, patience and respect. Communication, proper dress and being on time, carry such importance in the workplace as well. All of these qualities contribute a large part as to how our employer perceives our value.

If you want to your employer to value your work as much as you value the job, then remember that you should be committed to not only doing your best, but doing it with a good attitude. It seems a lot easier to be negative than positive in the workplace, but next time you begin to feel discouraged at work, don’t let it translate into a bad attitude.


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