ASP Graduates

Changing Lives...

We have had so many graduating classes over the years and during our 5 days working closely together, new friendships are cemented.  

But friendships are like flowers; they constantly need fertilizer.  So, here at The American School of Protocol, I began a new procedure several months ago.

I decided that I would select one class of graduates each week and personally call each one to touch base.  How exciting these last two months have been with wonderful stories from so many graduates.

One is actively working with children on an Indian Reservation, another with autistic children, another in a drug lock-down facility, an etiquette cruise ship director, a children’s dress shop owner who teaches etiquette classes in her store, an attorney who donates time to work with wards of the state, a dozen or more graduates who teach on college campuses, several graduates who write for publications online and in print, and the list goes on and on.

I heard stories about graduates who have experienced life changes such as births, divorce and deaths and are currently not able to teach. There were also graduates who have been greatly affected by the economy in their areas. Regardless of the reason, almost all stated that their training helped them focus on opportunities that improved their visions for the future.  

To all these remarkable graduates I say ‘ hang tight’. You remain in my heart and as you know, we are always here to help and to counsel. That’s what we do!

What a fabulous difference our graduates are making in their communities whether they are teaching or not. Our school is about changing lives and what a wonderful feeling and honor it is to hear these life changing stories from them.

Do drop by our Facebook Fan page to meet a few of them or perhaps you are ready to change your own life. Our next 5 Day Children’s Certification training is May 2-6, 2010 in Atlanta.  We would love to have you join us and that’s What Makes Momma Happy!

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