Corporate Etiquette Training vs. Children's Etiquette Training

Why both are beneficial to your business

Thank you so much for the valuable information I received during the Children’s Train the Trainer Program. I participated in the Corporate class first under the assumption I did not need the children’s Training. Boy was I wrong.The children’s course was so informative as to business start-up procedures, interacting with young people, how to form classes and what to teach.I cannot say enough about the manuals. I was amazed that every topic is covered! The individual Break-out Sessions were fantastic. There were areas where more one-on-one attention took place and even more instruction was given. The session with Mary Donne, ASP’s Corporate Attorney answered my questions pertaining to the business side of forming my company.I am very glad I took both classes and I have no regrets in the order in which I took them.

Corporate Training taught me how to be Professional, The Children’s Training taught me how to teach.

Thomas WhiteRidgeley, WV

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