Countdown: 10 Worst Dining Mistakes

10 Worst Dining Mistakes

We tallied our favorites and have them here for you in “countdown” fashion.

The Top Ten Dining Mistakes To Avoid:

10. Pushing away the plate or bowl when finished.9. Noisy eating – slurping, burping and gulping.8. Not using a napkin.7. Licking your fingers.6. Hovering over your plate and elbows on the table.5. Using a cell phone.

10 Worst Dining Mistakes

4. Beginning to eat before others at the table have received their food.3. Inhaling your food.2. Talking with food in your mouth and chewing with your mouth open.

1. Holding your utensils incorrectly.

10 Worst Dining Mistakes

If you are looking to brush up on your dining skills check out our DVDs Networking and Dining at Home and Abroad and Dining Skills for the 21st Century.

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