Dear Diet Soda Lovers

There is a definite love for soda in America. It is everywhere you go. Soda companies have built themselves a stronghold in American life. They are trying to keep up with consumers wanting to be healthier and by creating diet sodas or sodas with zero calories they have found a way to sell more products and reach out to this growing group.

We have all heard that if you must drink a soda at least drink a diet soda. And with the new trend of zero calorie drinks having a soda doesn’t seem to be so bad. Or is it? This debate is an endless tug of war.

The main problem with diet soda is the artificial sweeteners that are being used. Artificial sweeteners are being disguised as a good choice to consumers because they have zero calories. The negative health effects that can result from these artificial sweeteners include decreased nutrient absorption, higher risk for osteoporosis, heart disease and diabetes.

I know that sodas are not a good choice and I hope you do too, but sometimes we just feel like having one. I am not asking everyone to stop drinking sodas, but I encourage you to ask yourself these questions next time you think about having a diet soda: What is this drink really doing for me? Do I honestly need it? What will happen if I go without it?

Hopefully as consumers we can learn to cut back on bad choices and learn to love the healthier options!

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