Don't be 'That Fan' on Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Party

Yes, once again it is that time of year where crowds gather in living rooms and sports bars to see their favorite teams battle it out for a Super Bowl championship title.Here are a few tips so that you don't end up as 'That Fan' on Super Bowl Sunday.Keep drinking to a minimum: We know that many people like to let loose on this day, but try to moderate your drinking so that you can have a positive and memorable experience.Cheer for your team while being courteous to the other team: No team is perfect, so there is no reason to be overly critical – or just plain mean – when talking about the guy that just missed the field goal.Be extra-nice to your waiters and waitresses: Over-crowded working conditions put a lot of stress on them. If there was ever a time to be a big tipper, this is it! Bonus: You are more likely to be remembered next time and will be well taken care of.Thank your host!: If someone else took care of your bar tab or had you over to their home to watch the game, send them a thank-you note. It is always polite to show your appreciation when someone goes out of their way to do something for you.Watch your language: You and your friends may think it’s perfectly acceptable to throw curses at the opposing team, but the family with small children sitting behind you probably disagrees.Be Mindful: On game day you have people tuning in for all different reasons, some just want to watch the halftime show, many prefer the game, and others watch commercials. No matter what their viewing preference is, it is important that you respect their choice. If a person is watching the game, try not to ask a million questions that take away from their enjoyment.Have a great Super Bowl Sunday and may the best team win!

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