Etiquette at the Pump: Always Do This at the Gas Station

Thank you to all of our followers who send us their questions. This one came in today!

Logan from Summit, New Jersey asked, "What is one common thing people do that you find really rude and annoying?"

When I received this message, I was sitting in the gas line at Costco. The person in front of me finished pumping, got his receipt, and then dialed a number on his phone and stood there talking. Seven minutes into his call, the customer behind me begins to blow his horn. The attendant had to approach the man and ask him to move his vehicle.

I find it unconscionably rude and thoroughly annoying when people only think of themselves and never how they inconvenience others. Here are a few simple things to remember next time you find yourself at the gas pump:

  1. As you sit in line waiting for gas, get your credit card out and ready.
  2. Open your gas lid.
  3. Others are waiting - get out of your car and start the pumping process.
  4. If you choose to wait in your car, when the nozzle cuts off, get out immediately. Do not continue to sit in your car, chat on the phone, etc.
  5. The gas nozzle is finished and so is your time cleaning out the trash that you have collected in your car.
  6. Have mercy on us who wait in line behind you. We have things to do also.

Please don't be that person! Pumping and paying for gas can already be a painful experience. Let's all make an effort to think of those around us, and remember that our actions can have more of an impact than we realize.

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