Etiquette Tips to Live By in 2015

2015 has officially arrived which means it is important to start planning ahead and organizing your life. Etiquette should not be reserved for a special occasion. It should play a role in your daily life. Here are a list of helpful tips to ensure a successful and positive start to your year.Be On Time: Always be on time for any appointment, whether it is a doctors appointment or a parent teacher conference. Being on time shows that you have respect for the other person's time.


Keep a Calendar: Keeping organized and filling out your planner will greatly help reduce stress in your life. Utilizing a planner allows you to see what days you have free and know when you can schedule appointments. Planning out birthdays in advance is a great way to remind you to send cards and to reach out to friends.Book Appointments in Advance: Book your appointments ahead of time so that you aren't relying on last minute scheduling and shifting in order to secure a date. On the flipside of that, if you know that you will be unable to attend an appointment, cancel that appointment immediately. This creates openings for other people. It is rude to simply not show up to a scheduled time. Show appreciation for other's time by planning ahead.


Thank You Notes: The holidays are officially over. It is time to send out those thank you notes for all of the wonderful gifts and goodies you received. Get those notes out ASAP. Thank others for thinking of you and taking the time to send you a present. Keep in mind that it is extremely rude not to send out a thank note to each person who gifted you something. Even for events hosted by someone in the community, it is important to recognize them for their service. Read More: Thank You Note 101 or Test Your Correspondence IQKeep Your Word: If you tell someone that you will do something or be somewhere at a certain time, stick to it. If you can't keep your word, let the person know in a timely manner.


Be a Loyal Borrower: For any of those holiday dishes or DVD's you borrowed, please return them to the rightful owner. It is always nice to be able to borrow, however it is necessary and the responsibility of the borrower to return the item in a timely manner. Keep a list or a note in a planner or on the refrigerator to remind yourself of the item in your possession.Be Forgiving: Mistakes happen . . . it's inevitable. While it may be hard to adapt to unforeseen circumstances or events, it's always important to try to show compassion and understanding.

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Be Open: Don't be afraid to try something new. Opening yourself up to learning new skills, perfecting old and new hobbies, and traveling to new places, will continue to help you broaden your horizons. Remember, knowledge is power!

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