Expressing Thanks

Do you say thank you when someone does something nice for you? Do you also put it in writing?

Thank You Note Card

Thank-you notes are not an out-dated gesture. They are still in practice, easy to write, and very much appreciated by the recipient.A typical thank-you note consists of four sentences:• First Sentence – Says thank you for the gift• Second Sentence – Says something about the gift• Third Sentence – Says something unrelated to the gift• Fourth Sentence – Says something about the giftIt might read like this:[fancy_box]Dear Aunt Julie,Thank you for the warm sweater you sent to me. The fact that you made it yourself makes it even more special. It’s currently -19° here in Juneau and will be even colder by New Year’s Eve. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness, as well as your talent for knitting!Love,Katie[/fancy_box]See how easy that is?Thank-you notes are typically written on fold-over notes or correspondence cards (you can see examples here). Each of these pieces of stationery is meant to carry short messages, so a quick four-sentence thank you fits perfectly.Fold-over notes usually have messages written on the third page, while correspondence cards carry their messages on the front side. It is not appropriate to write on the back of a card (or sheet).Are you an avid thank-you note writer? Are you teaching your children this art of appreciation? Share your views with us.

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