Generosity in Baseball

Typically when we hear news regarding sports it centers on the highlights and who won the game. I was surprised to see in the news two stories regarding kindness and generosity during baseball games. I found each of these stories to be not only moving, but inspiring as well.

At an Arizona Diamondback and Milwaukee Brewers baseball game on July 20, 2011 a young boy caught a souvenir baseball that had been thrown into the stands by a player. When he realized how distraught another young fan was, he decided to give him the ball. This incident was not only caught by the cameras, but was also being commented on by the announcers of the game. The story was broadcast on news channels around the country and the announcers named it “play of the day” for this game. At the end of the game the gracious boy was repaid for his kindness with an autographed baseball bat from his favorite player. When asked by the reporter about his generosity, the boy replied, "If you do good things, good things will happen to you".

During a game on August 9, 2011 between the San Francisco Giants and the Pittsburgh Pirates, another young boy caught a foul ball and gifted it to an older man. Earlier in the game the older gentleman had caught a ball and given it to the young boy. Seeing an exchange of generosity between the two fans was remarkable.

We know it must have been hard for each of these young gentlemen to give away such a prized possession, but we definitely applaud them. To see such selflessness was not only inspiring, but shows that graciousness and consideration are still being imparted on our youth. Finding kindness in the world today can often be hard, but in moments like this, where we experience one person thinking about the feelings of another, we know there is hope for the future.

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