How much trash do you throw away each day?

How often do you think about where your trash goes once you have thrown it out? Probably not very often. I rarely thought about that until reading an article in USA Today that featured the The Zero Waste Home. Zero Waste Home? That sounds pretty unbelievable. After reading the article and visiting their blog, I realized that bringing my reusable bags to the store, not buying bottled water and recycling as much as I can is nothing compared to what I could be doing.

The Zero Waste Home's motto is Refuse, Refuse, Refuse. Then Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (and only in that order). The story of this family is truly inspiring. I am now more conscience of the amount of trash I am disposing of and where it is all going. We all know that we need to treat the Earth better and stop creating so much waste. However, in our consumer consume driven world buying new and throwing out the old seems impossible, but it’s not.

Please visit the The Zero Waste Home website and check out their great tips on how you can lower the amout of waste you create.

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