Just for Left-Handers!

Only about 10% of our population is left-handed, which may be why we find them so fascinating. They even have their own day of recognition – August 13.

In honor of our southpaw friends, here are a few etiquette tips just for them.[bullet_list]

  • Leave a little extra space if a left-handed diner is sitting to the right of a right-handed diner. Unless you enjoy bumping elbows
  • When greeting someone with a handshake, the right hand is always used.
  • The Continental style of dining is easiest for left-handers because the fork remains in the left hand throughout each course.
  • When dining American style, left-handers rest their fork in the 8:00 o’clock position on the plate, and close-out on the left side of the plate (or 9:45).

We love our lefties! They are, after all, the only ones in their right minds.

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