Keep the Madness Out of March

March winds bring . . . March Madness!  

Yes, once again crowds gather in living rooms and sports bars to see their favorite teams battle it out for a title. As we know, crowds and alcoholic beverages are a breeding ground for rude behavior.  Perhaps some tips can help your gathering keep a perfect score!

  • Try to keep drinking to a minimum.  We are completely aware that this goes against the mindset of most sports fans, but you have to agree that it is usually the cause of most bar brawls.  
  • Cheer for your team while being courteous to the other team.  No team is perfect, so there is no reason to be overly critical – or just plain mean – when talking about the one that just shot a 3-pointer and is now leading.
  • Be extra-nice to your waiters and waitresses.  Over-crowded working conditions put a lot of stress on them.  If there was ever a time to be a big tipper, this is it!  Bonus:  You are more likely to be remembered next time and will be well taken care of.
  • Thank your host!  If someone else took care of your bar tab or had you over to their home to watch the game, send them a thank-you note.

Keep madness at bay this March, but have fun and enjoy the games.  May the best team win!

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