Gift Giving

Meaningful Gifts That Won’t Empty Your Wallet

With the holiday season now officially upon us, we begin the search for gifts that fit our budget, but provide enjoyment for the recipient. A pretty tall order for some of us.

You have seen the credit card commercials that list the prices of certain items, then mention something meaningful at the end and label it “priceless”. What if you could give a “priceless” item to someone in your life that costs you practically nothing?Mementos of a person, place, or time in someone’s life are gifts of great sentimental value and are treasured always. Some suggestions I recommend are:

  • Personal items, whether belonging to someone deceased or living, evoke loving memories. Think about it, our most valuable possessions are the ones that once belonged to a grandparent, favorite aunt or uncle, or a parent. I know people who include everything from farm equipment to jewelry amongst their treasures. Given along with a heartfelt note to the recipient, a personal item brings many years of reminiscent smiles.
  • Recipes are also a favorite memento. Give one of your favorites along with a bag of necessary ingredients. You might also create a book of family favorites to give to younger relatives and include stories of a time when each dish was enjoyed. They will remember your stories as they prepare your recipes and create their own memories.
  • Photos are incredibly easy to reproduce today and always appreciated. You can frame them, place them in an album, or get really creative with a scrapbook or shadowbox. Whatever your budget allows, they provide a meaningful trip down memory lane.

Try one or all of these suggestions for a wallet-friendly holiday. You are sure to be rewarded with appreciative hugs and those three special words, “This is priceless.”What “priceless” gifts have you received? Tell us about them.

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