One Day Business Etiquette Seminar "Power, Presence & Style"

Our one day Business Etiquette Seminar, “Power, Presence & Style”, held on Tuesday, September 20, was a huge success. The fifteen participants in the class were from finance, legal, accounting, medical, sales, nutrition, and education. The sharing that was done by different industries is always electrifying. Participants attended from California, Kansas, Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland and Georgia. Topics covered during the day began with the Power of the First Seven Seconds and continued with Correspondence, Networking, Dining, and Professional Dress for Men and Women.

At the end of the day, participant feedback always keeps our company on track. The following are a few of their comments:

“There were so many small details that I picked up today, which will help me in my professional and networking settings.” “Very, very helpful. It covered all areas that I was uncomfortable with in my professional field. Self-Presentation and Networking Skills will certainly make a positive difference. I liked the information on how to start conversations at cocktail parties and what to do at the bar and food table.” “I will never forget the dining skills I learned today. Mom failed to tell me a few very important things.” “Having just graduated from college four months ago, I think every business professional should have this etiquette class.” “I learned something new in every section that was presented during the day. The rules for the cocktail reception are something I will use until the day I die.” “This course was invaluable! Not only for use in corporate America, but as I travel to other countries and large cities in the USA.” “I don’t know how I got this far in business without knowing all of the wealth of material that you presented today. All aspects of the course were extremely informative.”

Thank you to all of our valued clients. We deeply appreciate your support.

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