Only Good Etiquette at this Firm. Do you think they know?

Over the weekend, my husband and I attended a very large and glamorous wedding. As we were approaching our table for dinner, I could see a woman moving the place cards around. She wanted to sit next to someone else at the table so she rearranged the seating.When I sat down at the table, Mrs. Place Card Mover’s husband was on my right, my husband on my left and Mrs. Place Card Mover on my husband’s left. It is always common for Americans to ask ‘What do you do?’. I tried not to tell Mr. PCM that I was in the etiquette business, because sometimes people are intimidated, but he kept pressing about what kind of consultant I was so, I told him. He let me know that he was a partner at one of Atlanta’s largest law firms and they only hire people with great etiquette skills.As we are talking, the waiter came around offering red or white wine. Mr. PCM picked up MY wine glass and said he would have red. A few minutes later, my husband quietly asked if he could put his bread on my plate. Mrs. PCM had used HIS bread plate.Well, I went through the evening with no bread plate and no wine glass, but not to worry – ‘Mr. PCM’s firm only hires people with good etiquette’.What would you have done? I didn’t ask for another bread plate or wine glass, as that would have embarrassed Mr. PCM’s Senior Partner.

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