Our Dining Education during my Etiquette Certification Training

Being able to watch Peggy conduct the dining portion of the children’s etiquette program each day gave me the opportunity to see a live re-enactment of all of the dining do’s and don’ts learned in our manuals. Each day we witnessed the children discovering new utensils and styles of dining while working through different courses

The small group session we had with Dolores near the end of the week was especially useful. There we had to remember and put into use all of the skills we had learned throughout the week. Each of us had a chance to teach one of the dining lessons to our fellow etiquette trainees. This hands-on experience tested our recall abilities, confidence, and knowledge base. It was a great way to put together everything we had learned so far. Dolores was more than helpful along the way!Parmida Barezpour, Canada

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