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Our Graduate, Julie Roberts, in the news!

Julie Roberts, a February 2010 graduate of the Children's Etiquette Certification class, was featured recently in The Gaston Gazette as one of Gaston County, North Carolina's "20 Under 40" nominees, a select group of rising "stars" nominated for making a positive impact in their community.

Here are a few of the highlights from her interview:

What is the most satisfying part of your job?

"I have TWO parts of my job as an etiquette teacher for children that are very satisfying to me. Part one happens in the classroom. When the students ask interesting, well thought-out questions about the lessons, it lets me know they genuinely want to know why social skills will help them. Part two comes via e-mail or in my mailbox. When I receive notes from students or their parents on how Etiquette Edge has helped them, it puts a HUGE smile on my face knowing I had an opportunity to help influence the life of a child or young adult."

What do you still hope to accomplish?

"I just launched my new business, Etiquette Edge, which is committed to equipping our children and young adults with beneficial life skills that will promote courteous and considerate behavior toward others and self-confidence in handling demanding social situations. My goal is to create as much awareness of the importance of learning good behavior and how it can help our children have a more successful life.

"What advice do you have for those who want to succeed in life?

"Stay focused on your passions, stay out of trouble, keep yourself surrounded by positive influences, practice GOOD MANNERS and always stay humble."

Julie, we could not agree with you more. Congratulations on receiving this prestigious honor!

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