Our Professional Dress Seminar during Corporate Etiquette Training

It was beneficial to see all the “trends” as well as the foundational basics. We were sent out into the store to put together a male and female business outfit using the information and styles that were presented during Rebecca’s session. It inspired me to think of my existing clients and select wardrobe items that would be helpful when the sales team is on the road.P.H.Rockville, MD

The Corporate Dress session that took place at Neiman Marcus is an exceptional opportunity. The format was informative, interactive and entertaining. I gained invaluable information and exposure.A.M.Baltimore, MD

The time at Neiman Marcus was very educational as well as enjoyable. It was great to have genuine “hands on instructions”. Rebecca wowed us with fashion trends, tips and plenty of information to share with our clients.A.A.Charlotte, NC

Being updated on clothing and having to select various outfits was essential. In addition to the information we gained at Neiman Marcus, the presentations and the critiques we received were so significant to the learning process.S.G.Campbell,California

In today’s world, there are many different business industries. Each industry has a different clothing standard. It was great to see how to not only look professional with corporate attire, but in casual wear as well.T.K.Dallas, TX

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