Painless Thank You Notes – Our Fail-Proof Approach

Are you procrastinating about getting your holiday thank-you notes sent out?  Here are a few tips that can help ease the process.

Keep your note short and simple. Follow the four sentence rule:

1. First Sentence Says thank you for the gift.

Thank you for the warm scarf you sent to me.

2. Second Sentence Says something about the gift.

The fact that you made it yourself makes it even more special.

3. Third Sentence  Says something unrelated to the gift.

It’s currently 20° here in Denver and will be even colder by New Year’s Eve.

4. Fourth Sentence Says something about the gift.

I really appreciate your thoughtfulness, as well as your talent for knitting!


Thank You Notes

Write clearly and carefully in your very best penmanship.

  • Always include a salutation: “Dear Mark.”  It is the same as saying hello.
  • For a closing, write “Sincerely,” “Best regards,” “With love,” etc, depending on how well you know the person.
  • Write the date at the bottom of the note in the left-hand corner.
  • Proofread your note thoroughly before sending.
  • When addressing the envelope, always use Mr. or Ms., never just a first and last name.
  • Try to send out a thank-you note within in 3 days to a week of receiving a gift.  
  • If you have let some time pass and still have not sent out a thank you note, you should still send it out.

See how easy that is? If you still have not sent out your thank-you notes for gifts you received, time is ticking. Time to get started!

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