Press 1 for 'annoyed'

My coffee maker is pretty ancient and I decided to buy a new one. On Thursday I started my search on the internet but couldn't find what I was looking for, so I dialed Black and Decker about finding a particular model. During my 22 minute hold, I was informed by an automated voice that I was no 13 in line, then 8 and then 3. Finally, a recording came on and asked me to leave my name and # and someone would call me back! I waited 22 minutes to leave my name and number! It has been 3 days and I'm still waiting. Have you ever experienced such madness? It appears that my time holding on the telephone line is not important, and that the company has simply put this in place to save money. It's not customer service, for sure.On a more positive note regarding telephone prompters, Neiman Marcus is the only major department store in Atlanta that has someone live and breathing answering their phones. No prompters. I appreciate that very much and so they are always my first choice. That IS customer service, for sure....and that makes Momma happy!

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