Prom 101

prom budgeting tips 101

Dear Peggy,

My son and two of his friends are working on plans for their upcoming high school prom. The boys were here tonight going over everything, and it is clear to me that they haven’t given enough thought to their finances.

The three couples are sharing a limo and plan to take their dates to a very expensive restaurant before the school dance.

Any suggestions that you can give me to pass on to the boys would be so appreciated.

- Martha, New Orleans, LA

Martha, thank you for reaching out. Hopefully our answers will be helpful. I am a firm believer that prom is a great learning experience for teenagers.

First - have your son go online and check out the menu of their chosen restaurant before reservations are made. Food is so expensive and it would be very thoughtful of the boys to share the menu with their dates before their prom evening. Another boast of confidence would be having the boys and girls watch one our ASP videos, Dining and Networking at Home and Abroad. This will give the group a crash course on how to behave in an upscale restaurant.

Second – Several limo companies should be contacted so that pricing can be compared. Important questions that should be asked include:

“Is gratuity included?”

“Are you a pick up and drop off service?”

“Do you have to book a certain amount of hours?”

Three – If your son is providing a corsage, finding out his date’s dress color is a courteous thing to do. Usually the date will supply a boutonnière but that is another question to check off the list.

My prom evenings are some of the fondest memories I have of high school. Hopefully, your son and his friends will feel the same way.

Preplanning will guarantee a stress free event!

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