Psst! I Have a Secret Weapon...

Recently a friend asked me why I always seemed so happy?  

She stated that there are many bad things that happen in the news each day. I agreed! There are tragedies that are always occurring in our personal lives, our communities and our world. But, I have a “secret weapon”.  

One that my mother taught me years ago.  Mom said if I would do something special each day for someone else, then my life would be joyous and I would have a boatload of friends!

This advice was given when I was in High School.  High School is such a difficult time and peer pressure, how one looks, the clothes you wear, the group you are associated with, are all MAJOR big deals.  I saw myself as too tall, very skinny (imagine), pimples, hair that had a mind of its own and generally just no confidence!

I decided to activate my “secret weapon” and before long, things began to happen.  It was so easy and took very little effort.  Even though school was a long time ago, I have shared my “secret weapon” with over 10,000 boys and girls who have gone through our etiquette training. Do one thing special for someone each day and your life will change.

Today, that one thing a day can be a telephone call to someone you haven’t talked to in a while; a birthday card, herbs or flowers from your garden,  food that you cooked and have enough to share, a note congratulating someone on a special accomplishment, a book that you enjoyed and chose to pass on, dinner or an activity with a friend, sending an article that appeared in a newspaper or electronically that is of interest to one of your friends, taking an elder person to an appointment or to lunch, etc., etc., etc.

All of us are so involved with our lives that many times we simply forget to think past ourselves.

Yes, it is true!

My “secret weapon” continues to make me smile. Try it yourself and ….that will Make Momma Happy!

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