Rules of the Road

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No matter if you live in a big city or small town, there are certain rules of the road that apply to everyone. People on the road are all trying to get from point A to point B in the fastest, safest way. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while on the road.Follow Speed Limits: Not only is it too dangerous to speed but it is also dangerous to travel too slowly. If you speed, you put yourself and others at risk. Not only is it illegal, but traveling too fast can cause a car accident. Driving too slow can create problems for merging and for traffic. A speed limit is in place to help regulate the flow of a large amount of cars. Do your duty and obey the sign!Avoid Distractions: Being distracted can easily happen in the car, especially with children, radio, cell phones, food, etc. The purpose of driving is exactly that… to drive! Save all the distractions for another time, do not risk your safety or getting a fine by driving distracted. Always keep your eye on the road.Stay Off the Horn: The purpose of a horn is not to constantly use it. The horn is only supposed to be used to alert other cars in times of need. If you are sitting in traffic do not lay on your horn at the people in front of you. Honking is not going to speed up traffic, be patience and leave the beeping for real times of need.Use Your Signal: Using your signal before you turn is extremely helpful to drivers behind you. The signal allows for the driver to slow down and to brake within a reasonable time. Turning without the use of a signal can result in a rear end collision or a serious case of road rage. In many states, it is illegal to change lanes without giving a signal.Volume Control: There is nothing better than getting in your car and blasting your favorite music and singing at the top of your lungs, but there is a fine line between too loud and enjoyable. Other cars should not be able to feel their body and car shaking from your bass or music. Always keep your volume at an appropriate level so that does not affect other drivers or even your own hearing.Left Lane= Passing Lane: Day after day we see people on the highway making this mistake. The only purpose of this lane is to move around cars going at a slower pace, and for the use of emergency vehicles. Avoid this lane unless you have to pass a slow car.Next time you are on the road, abide by these helpful etiquette tips. Remember to drive safe!

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