Take It On the Road

If there is one place where courtesy is necessary, it is our streets and highways. We tend to forget that the vehicles we drive can maim and kill if we do not use them responsibly.Although traffic fatalities in the United States are on a decline, they still totaled over 7,500 in 2012. The reasons for these accidents vary greatly, and there always exists some situations that are unavoidable.But the one method of prevention we can all implement is to be aware of our surroundings, remain calm, and show courtesy to the many other people with whom we must share the road.Using a vehicle to threaten others is not only rude, but unsafe. If someone cuts you off in traffic and you decide to get revenge by tailgating them, you set yourself up for possibly an even more uncomfortable situation.We never know what someone else may be dealing with when they get behind the wheel of a car. Are they upset after having just been fired from a job? Are they rushing a sick child to an emergency clinic? And the one that always makes the news is when a woman gives birth in a car.Even though we have our own issues, and reasons for traveling by vehicle, we need to be fully aware that everyone else does, too.Let’s work together to make life on our roads and freeways more pleasant and manageable. Have a heart, and show a little courtesy.

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