Test Your Thanksgiving Table Manners IQ 1

How Advanced Are Your Thanksgiving Table Manners? Take our True-False Quiz and put your table manners knowledge to the test. Don’t worry, we won’t leave you in the dark, keep scrolling down to find the answers.Let’s get started:

  1. At the beginning of a sit-down, family-style meal, food is first passed to the right.
  2. If you have to get up from the table place your napkin in your chair.
  3. If someone asks for the salt, just pass them the salt.
  4. As soon as you are seated at the table, you may begin eating.
  5. Cut up all your food before you begin eating.
  6. By placing your silverware in the 3:15 or 6:30 position on your plate, it means that you are finished eating.
  7. Crumble up your napkin and put it in your plate when you are finished with your meal.
  8. If a toast is given, but you don't drink, just sit and watch everyone else hold up their glass.

How did you do?

  1. True, 2. False, 3. False, 4. False, 5. False, 6. True, 7. False, 8. False

Are you ready for your Thanksgiving dinner now? Let us know how you scored. Tell Us On Facebook

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