Gift Giving

The Gift Of Kindness

This time of year can hurt everyone’s wallets, but the season of giving is not just about physical gifts, but also about gifts of kindness and time. These gifts that make our lives easier, are treasures. No matter how much you have or how much you spend, there are plenty of ways for everyone, no matter your age, to give a wonderful gift this holiday season.

A great gift children can create are “coupons.”  These coupons include ideas such as breakfast in bed, raking the leaves, or doing the dishes. These simple chores can be cashed in by adults when they need an extra hand around the house.  Children can also gather toys that they have outgrown to donate to another child.  There are so many families in need and even if the toy is not brand new, it will be brand new to another child.

For adults, there are endless ways to give acts of time and kindness.  You can donate your time to drive someone who is housebound just to see holiday decorations or drive an elderly person to the store for groceries or doctors’ appointments.  All show your care and concern for another. Packing food at a local center for the homeless, delivering community meals, and volunteering to ring the bell for the Salvation Army will always make us feel good and thankful for the fact that we are physically able to do these kind gestures.  You can also start fun activities with children such as a flag football game in the neighborhood to create a wonderful memory for the boys and girls.  This also gives their parents the much-needed break they deserve.

Something as simple as making or writing a card can go a long way as a gift to a family member or old friend.  Baking, volunteering, phone calls and written notes are all very cost effective, but leave a huge mark on others.  Enjoy the holidays more by reaching out to friends and family and spread the love! Keeping these acts of kindness going into the New Year will be a much more rewarding year to come.

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