The Most Annoying Diners

Today it is not unusual to go out for dinner and see couples and children using their devices at the table. We know that this is not good table manners, however it has become so custom that ignoring your server because you are too engaged with your phone has now made the list.Check our top 9 to see if you are a culprit of any of these dining offenses.1. Not calling in advance to make a special request or to cancel your reservation. If you or one of your party has dietary limitations, if you need to request a particular table or if you plan to bring children always call ahead.2. Arriving late for your reservation.3. Demanding that the server or captain find you another table. If you do not like the table that you have been seated at, kindly ask the hostess if there is another table available.4. Looking at your phone when the server is trying to take your order.

5. Drawing attention to your table by taking excessive selfies and pictures of your food. 6. Not letting that server know that your dish (or wine) is unsatisfactory. When you do not speak up and let the server know that you are unhappy they cannot help you. Most restaurants will offer to make the dish again or suggest something else.

7. Waiting to get home to write your complaints on the web. If you have complaints, directly speak to the owner or manager, but do not lose your cool. Often the manager will try to immediately make amends for the mishap. You have the right to write your comments online, but choose your words wisely.8. Being rude to the server. Treat the service people with respect, and they will respond in kind. Try to make eye contact with a server if you need attention not by waving your hands or snapping your fingers.9. Skimping on the tip. In a restaurant 15% to 20% is acceptable. Do not punish the service people for poor food by leaving a smaller tip. The bulk of their income is derived from tips.

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