The Politics of Party Conversation

It is an election year here in the United States, and a breeding ground for heated conversations. When party talk turns political, a bit of diffusing may be necessary to prevent a social bomb from going off.

Party Conversation
  • Change the subject.

Before the conversation gets too deep to come back up quickly, you have a chance to turn it around. Use the opportunity to keep the peace.

  • Remember why you are there.

If you are not attending a candidate fundraiser, a government-sponsored event, or a political action committee gathering, there is no reason for a discussion on politics.

  • Ask the host to intervene.

A good host will be monitoring conversations as she makes rounds, but just in case she is out of earshot, it might be a good idea to get her attention and seek help.

Each of us have our own ideas and convictions, and we have a responsibility to respect the ideas and convictions of others. Keep celebratory events upbeat by discussing subjects of mutual interest that add to the party, not bring it down with negative conversation.

If a topic surfaces on which you do not agree, or cannot agree to disagree, then it is best left off the table.

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