ASP Graduates

The Reward of Educating Others

Congratulations to our most recent graduates on becoming a part of The American School of Protocol.

Children Etiquette Certification Training
Etiquette Certification Training

Participants came from throughout the United States as well as India and Australia.

As the up and coming ASP Graduates learned and grew together, lasting relationships were established.

At the beginning of the week they started off as strangers sharing a common passion, but by the end of the training they had become part of something much bigger and stronger than just themselves.

Etiquette Training
Etiquette Certification Course

Some participants came to Atlanta to begin learning how to create a successful business. Others wanted to add additional services to their existing business. We also had individuals attend ASP’s certification for their own benefit as well as those who were sent on behalf of a company or an organization.

The American School of Protocol has a strong network of educators, parents, and community leaders who teach etiquette and life skills as a service to their community.  Our main goal during the five day training program is to make sure each graduate of ASP leaves our training knowing that they are well equipped for the task at hand. We provide all the support they may need as they attempt that task.

Curriculum Etiquette


etiquette education

ASP Graduates are part of an elite group, an organization committed to encourage and support one another. Integrity, honesty, and a genuine passion to make our world a kinder place is the best way to describe those who attend our program.

As the week progressed, our participants learned how to be a powerful educator and presenter through activities and hands-on instructions. Everyone truly bonded.

Business Etiquette Course
Etiquette course

We wish each of our new ASP graduates success. Educating others and teaching life-skills information is so rewarding. Our graduates are not just teaching, they are making a positive difference in the lives of children and adults.

ASP Grad

Graduate ASP

Certification Training


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