There are no “rights and wrongs” when it comes to tipping

Behaving politely should always be our way of doing business. Tipping is a voluntary practice to reward a job well done. Listed below are common services that should receive tips.

Deliveries – Pizza delivered to your home – $3.00-$5.00 depending on the size of the delivery.

Furniture – $5.00 per item per delivery person minimum Barber/Hair stylist – 15%-20% of the total billShampoo technician - $1.00-$2.00Nail technician – 15%-20% of the total billColorist – 15%-20% of the total billMassage therapist – $10%-15% per massageAesthetician – 10%-15% per serviceD.J. – $1.00 or more if you ask for a special song

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