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Wedding Gift Etiquette

Although just about anything goes with regard to tying the knot, some basic factors still govern wedding gift etiquette. As a rule, a guest should always consider the couple’s wishes, their relationship with them, and their own personal budget in selecting a wedding gift.

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We have compiled the following outdated and long-held myths that have complicated wedding gift-giving for far too long.

1. Registry Required.

 While a registry is super-convenient and ensures the couple will enjoy the gift – it is a suggestion, not a decree.

➤ Guests are free to buy from the registry or choose a more personal gift, as they wish.

Wedding Gift Etiquette

2. No Rush

This rumor suggests that it’s perfectly acceptable to send a wedding gift up to one year post-event.

➤ A gift should be sent shortly after receiving the invitation, or within three months following the wedding (at the latest).

3. Tit for Tat

Another unfortunate falsehood is that the cost of the wedding gift should match or exceed the price-per-plate.

➤ Guests decide what to spend on based on the couple’s preferences, their closeness to the couple and their own financial situation.  Period.

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4. Cash is Crass  

Not so.  A monetary gift is often the right choice for older people with existing households, or when the couple has requested honeymoon funds or deposits to specific accounts.

➤ Money can be sent directly to the couple with a personal note, or straight into the institution indicated.

5. Go It Alone

Group gift-giving is not only acceptable, sometimes it is the best idea.

➤ Big ticket registry items can be out of reach for just one person, but perfect for a combined effort.  These are things the couple may not be able to afford, and therefore very much appreciated.

Despite the myriad of ways couples can fulfill their wedding day dreams, wedding gift etiquette hasn’t changed much.  It is still defined by the requests of the couple, the degree of friendship, and the guest’s budget.

By taking these factors into account, a guest can rest easy knowing they will give an appropriate gift – whether the event takes place in a centuries-old cathedral or on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

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If your curious about how much the average person spends on a wedding gift, has run the numbers and their experts weigh in with some stats that you might find interesting.

Click here to see what they have to say.

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