Wedding Guest Etiquette That Never Goes Out of Style

Wedding Season is here!  The pandemic changed so many happy couple’s plans but now weddings, showers, and parties are happening again at an all-time high. As the invitations start to appear in your mailbox (or inbox!), here are a few etiquette tips to remember. 

Do respond immediately.  Let the host know whether you will attend the event or not.  There is always an A list for guests and when someone can’t attend, the bride can invite someone from the B list. 

Don’t include additional information or questions in your response.  The bride, groom and their families have enough to deal with (i.e., we may be out of town, but really want to attend. My cousin will be visiting that weekend, can I bring her too?  Did you forget to include my child/roommate/partner on my invite?). REALLY!!

Wedding Etiquette

Do check out the couple’s wedding website for all details concerning the event prior to asking questions.  The bride and groom have put forth much effort to anticipate concerns by creating a website to help answer frequently asked questions (i.e., dress, menu, shuttle services, places to stay, etc.) and document their journey.


Do select gifts from a gift registry.  Returning gifts after the wedding creates more work for your hosts; we strongly encourage selecting something that the bride and groom has already indicated they need or would enjoy.  

NEVER bring the gift to the wedding and/or reception. When you do, the host must appoint someone to collect all of the gifts and deliver them to a location.  Cards and gifts often get separated during this transfer and now the bride and groom have an even bigger problem.  And, if you use the gift registry option, the store can ship the item directly to the place the bride and groom designate. You can then attend the event unencumbered. 

Wedding Etiquette

Always think through your actions and how they will affect an already stressful time for the newlyweds.  Following a few simple etiquette rules paves the way to a delightful and memorable event for all. 

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