When Can I Eat?

Recently in one of my blogs we talked about when to start eating if you are at the food court. With everyone hurrying back to their jobs and schedules, we decided that it was OK to start eating even though not everyone had returned to the table.There is a major difference though in how you handle the ‘when do I start eating?’ in a restaurant or home setting. When the main course arrives at the table, everyone sits with hands in laps until all the plates are put down. Then everyone begins eating together.Now, let’s suppose that, for whatever reason, one plate has to return to the kitchen. The individual who has no food should now instruct us to please start eating. How terribly uncomfortable it is for the ‘foodless’ person if everyone just sits and makes no attempt to eat. So, the rest of us eat just one bite, put our forks down, take one small piece of bread, rest our hands in our laps, take a sip of our drink and repeat the whole process of slowly eating so that we aren’t finished by the time the foodless person gets his food back.As the rest of the world often refers to Americans as ‘woofers’ because we eat so quickly, dining slowly and thoughtfully for others is a good thing for everyone.... and that Makes Momma Happy!

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