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In honor of National Teachers Day, we dedicate this blog to every teacher who has made a difference in someone's life.One of the hardest jobs in our society today is the task of being a teacher. Teachers are the backbone of America; they represent the past, present, and future.Teachers are among the most deserving because they are the positive driving force for our youth. During the ages of 6 - 12 years old, children spend more time in school than hours spent at home. If you are a teacher, The American School of Protocol would like to personally thank you for your hard work, patience, understanding and dedication. Our future is in your hands.At The American School of Protocol, our #1 goal is to provide teachers with the information and resources they need to aid in teaching life skills and civility. From pre-k all the way through college, teachers are a vital part of our children's lives.Teachers Are Passionate: The passion a teacher radiates is contagious. Great teachers are the ones who have an undeniable passion for teaching and helping others. One of the greatest ways to engage others is to show an enthusiasm for subject matter and excitement when teaching.

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Teachers Don't Accept Failure: Teachers recognize that student success is the most important goal and will take whichever angle or strategy necessary, to help a student achieve an understanding. Students will make mistakes and some will take longer to learn how to solve problems or grasp the subject matter. However, teachers provide an environment where risk taking is encouraged and mistakes are accepted.


Teachers Are Positive: Teachers know that their challenging job is hard and unpredictable, but they remain positive because of how important their attitude is and how much they care. The word "no" is not in their vocabulary because there is nothing that they can't do.Teachers Are Organized: Teachers have a round the clock job... when they are not delivering lessons to the students, they are preparing. Teachers recognize that their job is constant; the best way to teach a student is through preparation and organization.Teachers Are Flexible: A teacher knows that there will be bumps in the road and plans will change. For those days when fieldtrips are cancelled or a guest speaker doesn't show up, teachers are always prepared with a backup plan. Also teachers recognize that they can learn from their students.


If there is a teacher who has made a lasting impression and had a positive effect on your life, make time to show appreciation by remembering them with a call, a card or an e-mail. Teachers are the backbone of America and without them our leaders, inventors, entrepreneurs, corporate decision makers, etc., would not be where they are today.

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