Words of Wisdom - Be Yourself!

"Girls Smiling"

Be kind to yourself this new year! We each hold ourselves to such a high standard, trying so hard to achieve those new year's resolutions. Sometimes we need to simply take a deep breath and remember what's really important - loving yourself!Be good, and you'll never regret it.Be bad, and you'll never forget it.If mistaken, be the first to confess it.If right, be the last to express it.If wrong, then be quick to redress it.If it's slander, be sure to suppress it.Be kind, but let no one suspect it.Be wise, but let no one detect it.Be fair, for your friends will expect it.Be swift, or perhaps you'll neglect it.If it's borrowed, be quick to repay it.If it's loaned, make excuse to delay it.Be selfish, and no one will miss you.Be a fool, and the demons will hiss you.Be yourself, and the Good Lord will kiss you.

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