Writing Thank-you Notes & Addressing Envelopes

Writing Thank-you Notes and Addressing Envelopes is an area that we always seem to get a lot of questions about. Here are a few pointers to help you brush up on your skills!

Thank-you Notes

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  • Keep your note short and simple.
  • Emphasize the gratitude and interest in the job, gift, favor, or invitation.
  • You should plan to send a note within 24 hours.
  • Write clearly and carefully in your very best penmanship. If your penmanship is truly terrible, you may type your note on the computer.
  • Write the date at the bottom of the note in the left-hand corner.
  • Proofread your note thoroughly before sending.


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  • When addressing an envelope to a boy thirteen or younger, use “Master.” After he is thirteen, the envelope is addressed using “Mr.”
  • When writing a girl who is not married and under the age of 18, address the envelope using “Miss.”
  • Use “Ms.” if she is not is married and older than 18.
  • When writing a lady in business use “Ms.”
  • When writing a lady who is married use “Mrs.”
  • When addressing an envelope to a married couple use “Mr. and Mrs.”
  • The return address is always positioned on the back flap of the envelope. Just the street address and the city/state are necessary.


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