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Rio Speaks, A Story of Phone and Safety Skills

The perfect tool for teaching your child appropriate use of the telephone in variety of situations.

The perfect tool for teaching your child appropriate use of the telephone.

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About the book

A true story written for 1st through 4th grades. Rio Speaks addresses phone skills and safety skills. A boy and his dog take readers on an adventure. While David is home sick from school he reviews his phone homework with his dog, Rio, by his side. But when a real emergency happens, David is tested on what he just studied. Luckily, Rio is there to help.

This brightly illustrated book easily captures a child’s attention. The messages it conveys will be remembered always . . . stay calm in a crisis, practice polite phone skills, respect your parents, and be kind to animals.

Rio Speaks should be on every child’s bookshelf!

  • 30 pages, beautifully illustrated in bright colors
  • Rio Speaks is approved by the Georgia Board of Education “Recommended Reading List” for all elementary schools in the state.
  • This book is appropriate for 1st through 4th grades.

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